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The use of cast iron inspection surface plate

2015-01-06 By jianxin

We should pay attention to the following points when using:

The cast iron Inspection surface plates are widely used in machinery equipment, machine tools, three coordinate measuring machines, hydraulic equipments, building machinery, railway locomotives, instruments production, aerospace industry, petro-chemical machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, high-speed rail, air blowing manufacturing, etc.

Cast iron Inspection surface plates are suitable for inspection; they are basic plane of precision measuring. They are working together with parallel rules, cubes, V-blocks, angle plates, L-rules and so on. They are used for testing and measuring of machine tools and machinery industry, in order to check the size, precision grade, straightness, parallelism, flatness, verticality, form and position deviation as well as precision lineation.

After heat treatment, then machining, including rough machining and finish machining. Finish machining is the most important production process; it is in order to be sure the precision grade 2 and 3, as well as the surface roughness. Precision 1 and 2 are got through hand-scraped, geometrical accuracy is sure.

The qualified surface plates should be away from heat source and corrosion of acid-base. The high precision surface plates need to place in constant temperature of 20°C±5°C. During using, we should avoid concentrated wear too much, scratches and bumps which influence the precision and working life.

After using, we should clean and then coat anti-rust oil in order to keep the working life.

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