What we need to know before purchasing the cast iron surface plate

2015-03-23 By jianxin

What we need to know before purchasing the cast iron surface plate?

Cast iron surface plates are widely used in machinery industry, car industry, three-coordinate measuring machines industry and so on, following the increase of quality demands, the information of providing are all over the internet, how should we choose?

First, the quality of raw material
The raw material of Cast iron surface plates is cast iron, and it can be divided into many classes following its quality, so it can be well stand why they are all surface plates with the same unit weights and same sizes, so big differences in prices.

Second, production steps and technology
One piece qualified Cast iron surface plates are produced within 13 steps:
1) Design the drawing following customers’ demand or getting the drawing from the customers. Confirm the drawing by both sides.
2) Make the model, there are three kinds: lost foam, wooden and metal.
3) Sand molding, I order to avoid air holes, sand inclusion, etc. the sand need to keep good air permeability.
4) Melting and pouring
5) Shakeout and cleaning, rough casting free of mold material
6) Inspection of raw material
7) First annealing treatment
8) Rough machining
9) Second annealing treatment
10) Fine machining
11) Products testing and inspection
12) Packaging
13) Leave the factory or put in storage
To be care in each step, the quality of cast iron surface plate can be keep in high level. If the price is too low, may be some producers cheat on labor and raw materials.

Third, different factories and different brands
There is no any comparability between big professional factories and small individual workshops.

Find a professional factory. Though his Cast iron surface plates may cost more, they are extremely accurate.


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